Please join us for hybrid Sunday worship at 9:00 a.m., in person (5145 SE Lincoln Street) or via Zoom Here

Lincoln Street United Methodist Church

5145 SE Lincoln Street, Portland, Oregon 97215

The people of Lincoln Street 
						United Methodist Church Affirm our commitment to resist evil, injustice and oppression in all forms and 
						towards all.  Reject, in particular, the Traditional Plan approved at General Conference as inconsistent with 
						the gospel of Jesus Christ and will resist its implementation.  Apologize for the harm done to LGBTQIA+ persons, 
						their families, their friends and the Body of Christ.  Will work to create a new expression of Methodism as a 
						radically inclusive church.

We are a lively, engaged group of people who gather each week in worship in order to learn and grow from one another, to listen to God's voice in our lives, and to be enriched with music, prayer and reflection.

For over 100 years, we have been situated at the bustling corner of SE 52nd Avenue and Lincoln Street. We are a handy commute by bus (lines 14 and 71), by bike, by foot (over half of our members walk from around the neighborhood), and by car. Full accessibility is provided by a lift.

We are a small congregation (40-50 in worship) and we value the affirming relationships that are built through our worship, social outreach, and educational programs.

We believe that God is most clearly known when diverse people seek new insights, question hurtful assumptions, employ a multiplicity of images for the divine, and create a warm, playful community. Into this family we welcome people of all ethnic groups, income brackets, ecclesiastical traditions, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

Worship is Sundays at 9:00 a.m.

We hope you will join us sometime soon!

5145 SE Lincoln Street, Portland, Oregon 97215
Pastor: Elizabeth Winslea


We like to think of our Sunday gatherings as "Free Range Worship: Local, Fresh and Always 100% Organic."

Although our pastor leads worship, we are a community that believes strongly that we are at our best when everyone contributes. Because of that, when you attend a service you will notice:

  • - Children who feel comfortable being children and are celebrated as such
  • - Regular opportunities to reflect on personal events, news items and scripture readings from around the world
  • - Integration of the arts - occasional art, drama, dance, or instrumental music
  • - Quiet moments of meditation and prayer
  • - Great music and singing
  • - And, of course, people of diverse ages, with much or little church experience, in married or unmarried relationship (expressing various sexual orientations), with divergent cultural, ethnic and educational backgrounds, coming together to share their sense of the holy and find joy in the wisdom of others.

We invite you to journey with us. Come check us out and see if we are the church home you have been looking for.

You can peruse sample sermons from our pastor, Elizabeth, in the list below.

Genesis 1 Sermon Series 6/28/20

Matthew 28: 16-20, Trinity A, 6/7/20

Acts 2: 5-18, Pentecost A, 5/31/20

Acts 17: 22-28, Easter 7A, 5/24/20

Psalm 31: 1-5, 15-16, Easter 5A, 5/10/20

Acts 2: 42-47, Easter 4A, 5/3/20

Luke 24: 13-35, Easter 3A, 4/26/20

John 20: 19-29, Easter 2A, 4/19/20

John 20: 1-18, Easter, 4/12/20

Psalm 118, Palm Sunday A, 4/5/20

Psalm 46 Lent 5A, 3/29/20

John 3: 1-17 Lent 2A Grateful Series 3/8/20

Matthew 4: 1-11 Lent 1A Grateful Series 3/1/20

Deuteronomy 30: 15-20 Epiphany 6A 2/16/20

Matthew 5: 13-20 Epiphany 5A 2/9/20

Matthew 4: 12-23 Epiphany 3A 1/26/20

John 1: 29-42 Epiphany 2A 1/19/20

Matthew 3: 13-17 Baptism of Jesus A 1/12/20

Matthew 2: 1-12 Epiphany A 1/5/20

Luke 2: 1-20 Christmas Eve A 12/24/19

Isaiah 35.1-10 Advent 3A 12/15/19

Isaiah 11: 1-9 Advent 2A 12/8/19

Isaiah 2: 1-5 Advent 1A 12/1/19

Haggai 1: 15b - 2:9 Pentecost 22 Ordinary 32 C 11/10/19

Habakkuk 1:1-4, 2:1-4 Ordinary 31C 11/3/2019

Joel 2: 23-32 Reformation Sunday, 10/27/2019

Jeremiah 29: 1, 4-7 Ordinary 28C 10/13/19

John 17: 17-23 World Communion Sunday 10/6/19

Proverbs 8: 22-31 Creation Season Cosmos 9/22/19

Job 28 and Psalm 29 Creation Season Storm 9/15/19

Job 39 and Psalm 104, 9/8/2019

Job 38 Creation Season Ocean 9/1/19

Epiphany 5A, 2/12/2017

Epiphany 4A, 1/29/2017

Epiphany 1, 1/15/2017

Please click here if you would like to open a PDF copy of the statement above.


We are grateful for financial support and offer two ways to give.

Checks (directly from your or from your financial institution) may be mailed to:
Lincoln St UMC
5145 SE Lincoln Street
Portland, OR 97215

Credit and debit card donations may be made Here or by downloading the Give+ app and selecting Lincoln Street UMC to create a giving account.

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The children at Lincoln Street Church play a vital role in the life of our community. You will get a sense of that as children participate in worship through the children's chat and as they come and go freely throughout the worship service.

>Each Sunday following the time with children, those who so choose participate in our Sunday School program. This is led each week by volunteers from the congregation who bring a wide range of experience working with children of various ages. Children experience songs, stories, and art projects each week. In addition, the children learn about service, giving, and prayer through their Sunday School time.

Parents are welcome to stay and participate with their child, or they are free to leave their child if he or she is comfortable. Church school age begins somewhere around 3 years old, depending on the child, and continues up through grade school.

Infants and toddlers are welcome to stay with their parents in the service or be cared for by a staff member in our nursery downstairs.

Lincoln Street's Safe Sanctuary policy ensures the protection of children and other vulnerable individuals.

We think your children will enjoy our programs as well as be nurtured by them.

Pastor's Message

I'm glad that you have visited Lincoln Street Church's website. I hope as you read about our worship and programs, about our commitment to children and community service that you will begin to get the sense of what a remarkable community Lincoln Street Church is.

Out on the signboard of the church reads the following statement: "Our church is a small, warm-hearted, and open-minded congregation. We come to this family of faith because, unlike many churches, we know that here our questions will be respected, our diversity will be embraced, and our own unique search for God will be encouraged. We welcome people of all ethnicities, income brackets, ecclesiastical traditions, and sexual orientations. Furthermore, since we believe that all language about God is allegorical, we use images of God which come from the width and breadth of creation."

Perhaps you have seen this sign as you have walked by on the way up to Mt. Tabor Park. These commitments guide us in all we do. They preface our worship each Sunday. And they are a true reflection of the community gathered.

Lincoln Street Church is remarkable in the way it retains the best of Christianity while embracing various forms of worship and the wisdom from many faiths. It is inspirational in the way it does not shy away from difficult questions and issues. It is admirable in the way that it is guided by scripture reverently, but not doctrinally.

Elastic. The community bends, stretches and changes as new people with new ideas and skills grace our community.

I have been blessed to stand with and alongside this creative and exciting community for over a decade. Their gentle honesty and heartfelt questions have fed and guided my preaching so that together our worship is truly a shared conversation of respect and learning. Before coming to serve at Lincoln Street I worked as the protestant chaplain at Portland State University. I bring to our community the pastoral gifts I developed while working with a very diverse student and faculty body. I learned there, and continue to experience at Lincoln Street, the beauty of spiritual and religious diversity. Besides parish ministry I engage the world as the mother of two, as a long-term student in the enneagram, as a published author and as the wife of nurse/minister.

I hope that you will feel free to contact me - - if you have questions about the church. I would love to share about this great community!

And in the meanwhile, maybe I'll see you around the neighborhood!

Elizabeth Winslea

Programs of the Church

For a small church there are a lot of events and activities to choose from at Lincoln Street. It's a reflection of the interests that individual members bring to the community and the community then embraces.

Every week:

Sunday School: Sundays, ~9:15 a.m. (following the Children's Time in worship) - A program for 3 year olds through grade school children. Please see our Children's page for further details.

Other Gatherings for study and play arise monthly or seasonally. See our calendar for further information:

Book Group - Titles we've read in the past year are: The Moor's Last Sigh, The End of Life Book Club, City of Light, The Tiger's Wife, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet, and Damascus Nights

Scrapbook and Craft Project Parties - Sometimes the only way to get to those projects is to make a date with friends. We gather in the church basement, share treats and stories and get a few hours to work on those projects that are fun but never get our time.

Special Concerts- Svila: a Portland-based, women's Balkan choir, John Nilsen: jazz fusion pianist and his band, Harpers for Heifer Concert: area harpists performing to raise awareness of and funds for Heifer Project International

Neighborhood Seasonal Festivals - Easter Egg Hunt, Trick or Treating Stand, Gingerbread House-Making Party

Poetry Nights - In the dark days of winter, we gather to share our favorite words of poetry and song, in order to share a little light and love.

A Service Blessing the Animals - Outdoor worship to which those unseen members of our families were invited and celebrated. Dogs, cats, a rabbit, a gecko and even a stuffed penguin were among our special guests.

Used Book Sale - We are avid readers at Lincoln Street. And, we have discovered the fun in pooling together our used, read, dog-eared books and sharing them with the neighborhood in our sale to raise money for service and outreach.

Use of the Building

Please click here for information and forms regarding use of Lincoln Street buildings and/or property. The forms should be addressed to Attn: Building Use, Lincoln Street United Methodist Church, 5145 SE Lincoln Street Portland, ORLincoln Street United Methodist Church, Portland Oregon 97215.


Service, Advocacy, and Outreach

At Lincoln Street Church we believe that the gifts of God are to be shared abundantly with all God's creation. "What we offer in love, God will accept."

Below are programs and events that we support through our time and money.

  • - - Common Cup Family Shelter: a family winter shelter in the Sunnyside neighborhood - Visit Shelter Web Site
  • - - Our quarterly collection for the Oliver and Parklane Elementary School Backpack Program. Feeding hungry children!

  • - - Habitat for Humanity: financial and volunteer support to local building projects
  • - - Books to Prisoners: book donations for incarcerated people
  • - - Fair trade coffee: Just Coffee and Equal Exchange, so that farmers and roasters receive fair return for their labor
  • - - Bread for the World: educating about and advocating for legislation that protects the most vulnerable and their food security
  • - - CSA: Community Supported Agriculture, partnering with Sauvie Island Organics to host a csa pickup
  • - - Cambodian missionary: working in the health field
  • - - Family Christmas Drives: supplying food and gifts for families in need during the holidays
  • - - Girl Scouts: two SE Portland troups regularly meet in our building

Our Signs

Many visitors and new members comment that our signs are what first attracted them to Lincoln Street. In addition to the sign pictured above, there is a permanent sign at sidewalk level, which reflects our mission commitment. We also have a flyer box with content that changes frequently. We think it gives you a good flavor of the breadth of who we are as a community. We invite you to check it out!

Some of the signs that have appeared in the past:

Church should be about imagination, investigation, and introspection ... not intimidation and indoctrination. We Share. We Learn. We Grow.

Regardless of Christian faith, or lack of it, wealth or poverty, politics or education, sexual orientation, race, marital state, age, class or gender . . . in this place none will be judged and all will be welcomed.

We support Biblical Marriage! One man - one woman, err, or one man - many women. Hmm, or is that one woman and a series of brothers. Then, again, there's David and Jonathan. Aw, if it's about love, we support it! Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

We at Lincoln Street Church hope to celebrate this Fourth of July with more faith than fear, more compassion than judgment, and more humility than nationalism.

Peace Make $ense; Taxpayers in Oregon will pay $3.7 billion for the Iraq War through 2007. That same amount of money could have provided: 791,185 people with health care or 64,269 elementary school teachers or 22,730 affordable housing units or 654,228 scholarships for college students or 3,451,876 homes with renewable energy or . . . Let your representative know how you feel. (Data from the National Priorities Project

Faith is the antidote to nationalism. We celebrate America this week, yet pledge our allegiance to the God of compassion and humility.